The Field Hospital System designed by JM Mobile Solutions Germany has a sustainable and environmentally friendly and independent ecosystem for humanitarian operations including light and moderate medical procedures, even in remote areas of Indonesia that do not have clean water facilities or infrastructure, no electricity supply, and at very difficult environment.

Prorescue participates in supporting the preparedness of disaster mitigation equipment and SAR operations


Prorescue also supports Government programs in disaster mitigation preparedness and search and rescue (SAR) operations including the provision of Field Hospital products, search and rescue tools (Rescue Tools), as well as emergency energy equipment in the context of restoring disaster areas and refugee camps. Also supports the Government in disaster mitigation equipment technology with the presence of new technologies produced domestically as the work of Indonesian children, including emergency energy to assist humanitarian missions in refugee camps and SAR operations and Military Operations Other Than War (OMSP).

We are connected in the name of humanity

Carrying out humanitarian missions in search and rescue activities requires human resources who are trained, reliable, and responsive to every form of disaster, both natural and non-natural disasters. Supporting equipment for disaster mitigation activities as well as search and rescue activities are also absolutely necessary to complete humanitarian missions properly.

Energy supply in disaster mitigation activities as well as in search and rescue activities requires a stable supply of electrical energy that can support humanitarian missions in remote areas far from the main electricity source of PLN and other fossil power sources. Therefore, renewable electrical energy is needed that is environmentally friendly, independent, and ongoing.