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Starting in the middle of 2011 where the leading group of companies distributing medical equipment in Indonesia has been active in the distribution of medical devices for 60 years, namely the Bersaudara Group through its subsidiary PT. Global Jaya Medika with its business partner Nindia Group established a company focused and specialized in the distribution of medical emergency  (medical emergency) equipment, and safety & rescue equipment in search and rescue activities (search & rescue including in Indonesia disaster mitigation activities. The company, namely PT. Global Nindia Prorescue or better known as GNP or Prorescue. For more than a decade, Prorescue has contributed to the fulfillment of the distribution of quality medical emergency, safety & rescue equipment throughout Indonesia. In 2022, Prorescue focuses more on the distribution of disaster mitigation equipment such as field hospitals including their support systems (sanitation, field kitchens, etc.), as well as SAR equipment and supporting equipment for Military Operations Other than War (OMSP) in disaster management.

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